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Oct 5, 2021

This is how we make life work when tragedy strikes!  We believe that God places us in the EXACT places we are supposed to be at all times...good, bad and ugly.  As a Breast Cancer Survivor, Natalie knows that her responsibility is to now pay it forward!  But how??

Natalie shares her story and message to #washwithyourhands!

By finding her own mass, she now shares her message with anyone she can to wash with  your hands!  Even if you aren't comfortable doing a self exam, make it your monthly habit to wash with your hands on the first of every single month.  Pay attention to what you are feeling and take note of any differences from month to month.  YOU are your best advocate!! 

She encourages you to educate yourself!

What's with all the pink?  Sure we know it stands for breast cancer awareness, but it's what's behind all the pink that matters.  How do fighters feel about it?  How do survivors feel about it?  It can vary from person to person but one thing remains...the color is pretty but the disease is NOT.  Educate yourself on the disease, on the foundations your money goes to and the slogans that stand.  At the end of the day we are ALL doing our very best at any moment, so try to relinquish the judgement!

She champions the cause to make sure you take care of you NOW!

Natalie is SO passionate about making sure YOU know that you can't wait for tragedy to strike before you start taking care of yourself...physically, mentally, spiritually.  By knocking on death's door, she was and is so grateful to have been building her strength all these years.  We will all face a battle and we can't wait for that to come along. If you start taking care of yourself NOW, you will be stronger for whatever comes your way!!!

Favorite Devotional: Jesus Calling

Book Recommendations: 

Goliath Must Fall

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Live Fearless

You Are the Girl For the Job

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