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Jul 12, 2021

This is how we make life work when planning summer travel!  Natalie sits down to talk with Dori Reuber of Vincent Vacations to learn some common misconceptions and her top travel tips. Life is tangled, so here's how we can make it work a bit easier! 

Is it more expensive to work with a travel agent?

That's a typical misconception! Some do charge a plan to go fee but not all Dori.  Her agency is a fee free planner which is SO helpful.  It's comparable to buying a house...those realtor fees are built in just like travel agent fees are always built in whether you use them or not.  

Why would someone use a travel advisor instead of booking on their own?

They spend their own time and money to tour destinations for their clients. They have first hand experience!

They have access to promotions and deals that the general public doesn't.

They all share information and help each other so that they can help their clients in the best possible way.

They do all of the leg work for you and take away a big chunk of stress!

What are some great booking tips for summer travel?

  • Use a travel advisor!!!!  
  • Buy an insurance policy on your trip...there are several ways and Dori gives us guidance on those.
  • Google flights is a great resource to see what airlines are pricing on what days
  • Premium flights are on holidays


What are some great packing tips?

  • Lists
  • Carry on only (is quart size toiletries still a thing??)
  • TSA Pre-Check vs. Global Entry options
  • Minimizing packing and wear dry fit material to keep compact in suitcases and possibly use the packing cubes
  • Sunscreen is crazy expensive at resorts to pack as much as you can
  • If you do check your bags, take a backpack with swimsuit, first change of clothes, toothbrush and meds

What are some helpful booking strategies when working with a travel advisor?

  • Be pretty specific with dates and what is important to you.  Let them know what type of room you want and what your preferences are.  This helps them to tailor something for the best experience for you!
  • Also give them a budget...without that it's very hard to make sure that you get the best trip and so that they can do their job. They don't work for free and don't get paid until you have taken your trip...BIG misconception! 
  • Specials are based on supply and demand so if you book at a different time than someone in your group, there could be a price difference.
  • Tickets can be put on hold for 24 hours unless it's last minute. 
  • Rates are going up so don't be surprised when booking!


Connect with Dori and get some great deals through her private community at TRAVEL BY DORI with Vincent Vacations!!!!  She shares some great specials in there but know she can take those and tailor to you specifically.  You can also email her

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