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Jul 5, 2021

This is how we make life work while saying peace out to the ‘HOT GIRL SUMMER’! We talk about our insecurities in our mind and body as we worry about judgement from others. How do we give ourselves the freedom to be who we are today as we combat the craving to rewind the clock.

How do we stop doing this to ourselves? Simple solutions that we try to implement and hope YOU will put into place!!!

  1. Control What You Can Control! Thoughts, food, movement, habits, etc. You can CHOOSE to have a strategy to shift things or to keep going down the same path.
  2. Feed the Positivity! Have you ever written a list of the GOOD things about yourself? What about seeing your favorite quotes regularly?  What is seen on the outside is not always what’s happening on the inside!
  3. Ditch the Extremes! It’s not about all or nothing, it’s about keeping it realistic.  Small things lead to BIG things, so keep the focus real. Just end the day well! 
  4. What Legacy are You Leaving? Our challenge to you this summer is to take a picture with your kids in a swimsuit…it’s about the memories not the body. 

Some of our favorite scriptures to keep handy:

Hebrews 12:1-3

Luke 12:48

Psalm 139:14


We love these quotes:

“I Am Worthy”

“I am learning to love my body and I can CHOOSE to make choices that respect and honor my body today”

“I am perfectly imperfect”

“I like me, she gets me”

“You are enough”

“What others think of you is none of your business”

“Outward appearance is nothing without inner growth”


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