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Sep 16, 2021

This is how we make life work when we make it through summer and kids are back to school!  Sure, we have bumps and bruises but we made it y'all.  Join us as we discuss all things surviving this time of year!

How do we untangle all the noise between PTO, sports, fees, schedules, meals, etc.?

Communication in household is a huge plus...but how??

  • Having a weekly sit down to communicate all the things
  • Central home calendar
  • Organization within the home

How do we budget this time of year?

  • Work in reverse with lists/priorities
  • Seek out resources such as Platos Closet, Poshmark, Five Below, DH Gate and MORE!
  • What IG accounts do we love for this?  

Have a LOOSE menu to help the weeks flow...

  • 4 Dinners...can kids take one night over?
  • School lunches and accounts

So many great things to think about to help us feel we ended the day well throughout all the noise! 

Fave Face: Macabeet

Faver Fashion: Oofos Sandals

Fave Foods: Individually packed items (BabyBel, Guac, Hummus, Peanut Butter, Ranch)