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Aug 3, 2021

This is how we make life work when the honeymoon of summer comes to an end.  Our patience is running thin, the kids are restless and we are craving routine.  We give our strategies on keeping our mental health on point so that we can be better for everyone around us and feel like we have finished well. 


As the summer winds down we can feel more stress creeping in as we get a longer list of things we need to get done before school starts.  So how do we begin???


Having a to do list is KEY to making sure that we keep order.

It helps us to navigate the most important.  When our heads are in order, it helps to keep our lives in order.  Whether you like pen and paper or a digital planner, it’s so important to focus on what lies ahead 

Personal growth is something we just cannot let slide by. 

Making even 5 minutes to take care of ourselves is crucial to being the best for ourselves and for others. Some of our favorites are plugging in great podcasts, listening to books on audible and just old school sitting down with  a good book to help us grow. We touch on social media and how it can be somewhat of a detriment to our headspace.  We don’t want it wrecking our worlds with strong comparison games so we strategically follow those who inspire us.  Surround yourself with inspiration and motivation to keep on track.

Borrowing trouble from the future might seem like it’s a crazy strategy to keep us on track, but is it?!? 

Not necessarily!   Big decisions and little decisions, what affect will it have on our future selves?  Is it going to make us feel more behind or help us get ahead of the game?  By borrowing trouble from the future we can avoid issues while also making great gains in our mental health worlds. 


Resources mentioned: 

When Less Becomes More

Emily Ley 8x11 Simplified Planner

Emily Ley 8x5 Simplified Planner


This Episode's FAVES:

Face: I Am Love 

Fashion: Kimono and This one too

Food: Costco Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry