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Sep 22, 2021

This is how we make life work through a bit of rest.  Let's face it, neither of us are real 'restful' souls, so this is a really hard subject for us.  But we also realize that there is renewal amongst the rest that we allow ourselves.  

We don't enjoy when people tell us to rest! Why?  It makes us feel anxious and lazy.  But that's NOT how it should be!

We love fitness but we also know that our results don't come if we work our muscles 24/7.  The growth comes when we rest our muscles and allow them to recover.  That doesn't mean sitting around all day while they recover, but it DOES mean allowing rest. 

How can we help YOU to grasp onto more rest so that you are the best version of yourself? 

Flip the Script...

  • is at the root! It's a renewing of something that has been lost.  
  • Rest is taking a break from the stressful and strenuous activities

Be true to you...

  • What does 'rest' mean to you?
  • What would YOUR ideal rest period look like?

Communicate with your loved ones...

  • Define your perfect 'rest' period 
  • Share that with those in your household

We challenge you to REALLY take a step back and look at how you can rest more. Your mind, body and soul ALL need that restoration!!!!