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Oct 28, 2021

This is how we make life work when we UNmask!  Are we sharing the REELs of our lives or the REAL lives we lead?

We know that all of us would rather share that highlight reel as we seek to avoid insecurity, but what does that lead to?  Envy, comparison and a spiral of mental health.  But what do we do?

Before you post it or say it

Do a gut check!  Is this living your most authentic self? Are you hiding behind a mask or unvailing who you truly are to your core? 

Legacy building

We always talk about ending the day well!  Each day adds up to a life well lived and leaving a legacy to those we love and those who know us.  What are we doing with the in between moments? 

Get off Social!

Yeah, we get it, we get sucked in too!  But get off of social when it doesn't matter so that you can live your REAL life vs. your REEL life

Start your day well

We want to end the day well but what about how we start?  Are you reaching for your phone first thing or having a bit of introspect time?  Setting the tone for your day is so crucial! 

Go check out the BIBLE APP!!!  It's YouVersion and is one of our most favorites and what we both use on the daily.

And remember Shein from our swimsuit faves?!?!?  You definitely want to check it out again heading into fall!!!