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Mar 30, 2022

This is how we make life work with the ups and downs of everyday life. What do we do in the gaps of the rollercoaster of life? 

We have really great days where everything is firing and then out of nowhere the bottom seems to fall out.  It's called life and it can be a bit of a roller coaster.  There are some really great highs and some really crummy lows, so what do we do in the 'gaps'...those drops in the roller coaster? 

We are human and frustrations can mount to a point of explosion, yet we almost can't enjoy those great days because we sense what might be coming. 

How do we give ourselves grace and how do we move through the 'Tuesdays'?

We have a REAL conversation with REAL examples of how the bottom falls out and how we cope. Bad days, bad mindset, bad self judgement, bad body image...ALL the things!!!

Grace can look like:

  • Rally! Sometimes we just need to rally and get ourselves together. Our problems/moments/complaints can snowball.  One small issue can snowball and we can get more and more frustrated.  Just like a snowball traveling down a may not be able to push it back up but you can stop it! We may not be able to back track our day, but we can STOP the mindset and keep it from growing more negative day by day. 
  • Gratitude!  Find thankful moments in the little things.  What are the small things that (even though life feels out of control) we can look at and say thank you. It's hard to be gracious to ourselves and grateful for what we have, but it's SO important.
  • Live in it!  Not for the long term, but just be in it.  Accept it might be a bad day but not a bad life.  A new day is coming, it is PROMISED to us!  

Be aware, be mindful, figure out where it's coming from and move through it. 

Unpack and Unload

Whether it's with your person who you can be totally transparent with or journaling your thoughts, its' so important to let it out.  When we are able to unpack all of those things, we can look and see WHERE the problem lies, WHAT it looks like and HOW we can move forward.

Staying in the Word and staying equipped for hard moments sure does help.  Hide those words in your heart...NOT TODAY SATAN! Life wasn't promised to be easy, but finding grace and gratitude in those gaps is key.

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